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I had an interesting experience last night when meditating. I saw a vision in my head of a coyote among the hills, howling at the setting sun. As I approached it carefully out of fear of startling it it turned to me and ran over. It sat down in front of me for a while, growling with ferocious eyes. I was too scared to move when the coyote suddenly started to laugh. It was a playful creature that loved to play tricks and in that moment I felt my kinship with them grow even stronger. I felt as if I knew this coyote, in a sense it might've been me. It talked and explained to me that it was my spirit animal and that it was there to keep me safe and to help me during the times where I need it the most. Though this was a jovial and playful animal I could also feel the raw and ferocious power of its predatory side. Though an animal of great loyalty one should never get on the bad side of a coyote. What I felt, was it me or the coyote? I reached out to touch it and the vision ended, I was back in my room. Was it all a dream? Maybe...but the experience still felt profound.

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Hello DreamWidth! My name is Josh and I'm a coyote therian as of one year now. I'm currently 32 and live in Cincinnati and I've always felt different to others my whole life and never really fit in anywhere. This is an attempt to get over my social anxiety and open up more to who I am. I'm very awkward with this sort of thing since I usually lurk so I don't know how this will turn out. I realize this is an unusual place to open up, but I have not yet found a place I can call, my spiritual home. Here I can just spill my mind, anytime. I'll be discovering the community and the manifold interesting people within, but likely at my own pace.



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